Roche Diagnostics Australia Pty Limited

Roche Diagnostics is the world’s leading supplier of in vitro diagnostics (IVD’s).  IVD tests – performed in the laboratory or at point of care on blood and other samples from patients – are a critical source of objective information about health and disease.  Roche’s diagnostic instruments and reagents help doctors detect diseases, select appropriate treatments and monitor patients’ responses to care.  In addition, scientists use Life Science products to gain a better understanding of the causes of disease and discover new treatments.

Roche Diagnostics Australia serves customers spanning the entire healthcare spectrum – from hospital and private commercial laboratories, to physicians, to patients with conditions requiring them to self test.

Five Business Areas make up Roche Diagnostics Australia :

Professional Diagnostics is a leading supplier of instruments, tests, software and services for laboratories and Point of Care testing products to support clinical decision making at point of care.

Diabetes Care develops and commercialises AccuChek® blood glucose monitoring and insulin delivery systems that enable people with diabetes to manage their condition more effectively.

Molecular Diagnostics develops and commercialises advanced diagnostic and blood screening platforms and tests based on Roche’s proprietary real time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology.

Life Science supplies scientists in academia and the biotech and pharmaceutical industries with instruments and highly specific reagents and test kits for a broad range of research applications.

Tissue Diagnostics is the leading supplier of tissue based cancer diagnostics.  Ventana® instruments and reagent systems are used in histology and cytology laboratories in both hospitals and private commercial laboratories.

Roche Diagnostics Australia through the efforts of our qualified people, whose competitive spirit and commitment to Roche and it’s customers are rewarded with challenging personal development opportunities.

Roche Diagnostics Australia is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant, as a signatory Roche Diagnostics Australia will implement further actions to reduce the impact of our packaging, institute a more sustainable purchasing program and minimize water to landfill, where possible.

To learn about Roche Diagnostics Australia's Australian Packaging Covenant Action Plan 2012-2014 – please click here.