Roche Products Pty Limited

Roche Products Pty Limited, the pharmaceutical division of the Roche Group in Australia, has been committed to improving the health and wellbeing of people in Australia for over 60 years.

Roche in Australia is dedicated to the clinical development, registration, sales, marketing and distribution of innovative pharmaceutical medicines. Each year Roche invests approximately 36 million Australian Dollars in local pharmaceutical research and development. Australian patients have access to around 40 Roche medicines, and the company is the leading provider of cancer medicines in Australia by sales.

Roche (Pharmaceuticals) policy positions and downloads
Date Title Type
June 2016 About Roche, Australian Pharmaceutical Business Fact sheet
January 2015 Access to Medicines Policy position
October 2016 Access to Medicines Outside of Public Funding Policy position
December 2016 Biosimilars Policy position
May 2015 Cancer Medicines Policy position
October 2016 Clinical Data Transparency Policy position
May 2015 Clinical Trials Policy position
October 2016 Engaging with Healthcare Professionals Policy position
October 2016 Engaging with Health Consumer Organisations Policy position
October 2016 Ethical and Sustainable Business Policy position
January 2015 Health Technology Assessment Policy position
May 2016 Intellectual Property Policy position
September 2016 Personalised Healthcare Policy position
January 2016 Pre-budget Submission 2016-2017 Submission
January 2015 Pricing Policy position
November 2015 Rare Diseases Policy position
May 2015 Regulation Policy position
February 2016 Roche in Australia, Pharmaceutical Business Overview Brochure
February 2015 Senate Inquiry: Availability of New, Innovative and Specialist Cancer Drugs in Australia Submission
January 2015 Value of Innovation Policy position