In Australia, Roche has excelled in our environmental initiatives. We have made great strides in reducing energy consumption and waste streams, which promise to have a significant and positive long-term impact on our operations and the communities we serve. We pride ourselves in being industry leaders in our environmental efforts and strive to surpass energy, emission and waste reduction targets.

Some of our initiatives in this area include:

Reduction in fuel consumption
Improvements in water efficiency
Increased recycling activities
Reducing CFCs and HCFCs usage

As a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant, Roche will implement further actions to reduce the impact of our packaging, institute a more sustainable purchasing program and minimise waste to landfill, where possible.

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Roche is committed to developing innovative products and services that address unmet medical needs and deliver real, sustainable value to society. We believe that society can only benefit from our innovation if there is access to our products and services.

As part of our social commitment in Australia, Roche provides support for healthcare organisations, health consumer organisations (patient advocacy organisations), and healthcare professionals to improve healthcare delivery, timely access to, and quality use of, medicines and diagnostics and patient health outcomes.  This includes financial and in-kind support for an extensive range of research, medical education and patient support/advocacy initiatives across many therapeutic areas.

We are also passionate about supporting the communities in which we operate. To express our responsibility towards the local community and broader society, Roche provides philanthropic support to several community charitable causes.

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The true value of our medicines and diagnostics lies in their effectiveness, both for patients and for healthcare systems, by helping to detect, correctly diagnose and appropriately treat disease.

More than 70% of disease diagnoses are based on diagnostics tests. Roche Diagnostics is an integral part of patient management in Australia.

The right medication, received in time and at the right dose, hastens recovery and alleviates the most serious – and costly – effects of a disease. This can shorten or even avoid hospital stays. Patients can return to work sooner and reduce earnings lost through illness. We believe these overall social and economic benefits provide value beyond just the product itself.

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