Health Consumer Organisations

Working with Health Consumer Organisations

Health Consumer Organisations (HCOs) – also known as patient support groups, advocacy groups and health-focused not-for-profit organisations – represent the interests and views of consumers of healthcare. HCOs are important partners for Roche, as we share an interest in consumers understanding and managing diseases to improve their health and quality of life, as well as the quality use of medicines.

Roche is proud of its history of working with HCOs. We are committed to applying the principles of the Medicines Australia Working Together Guide and our globalWorking with Patient Groups – Good Practice Guidelines to ensure relationships between HCOs and Roche reflect common values of honesty, integrity, trust, respect, maintenance of independence, equity, transparency and mutual benefit. 

Roche collaborates with and provides support to a range of local HCOs. A list of HCOs that received support from the local pharmaceutical division of Roche in the last calendar year is available here.

The lists are also available on the following external websites:

Medicines Australia Website - for support provided by the local pharmaceutical division of Roche

Roche Global Website - for support provided by local and global pharmaceutical and diagnostic divisions of Roche