Pathologists and Scientists




Welcome to the section dedicated to hospital-based laboratory professionals. If you require products and tailor-made solutions for special laboratory or central laboratory applications, critical-care testing or diabetes monitoring, you will find them here.

Our Portfolio

  • Managed Laboratory Services - a one-stop package of solutions for operating a hospital or private clinical laboratory with the overall aim of achieving cost-efficiency and standardisation as well as enhanced supplier management
  • pre and post-analytical platforms that prepare and store samples, working along side the analytical systems
  • serum work area: clinical chemistry and immunochemistry
  • products for diabetes and anticoagulation monitoring
  • instruments for critical-care, blood and cardiovascular biomarkers
  • PCR-based applications for virology and women’s health testing
  • integrated communications technology to integrate laboratory processes
  • productivity, connectivity and communications
  • histology/cancer diagnosis.

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