In Vitro Diagnostics

Our products are principally used in laboratories, operating theatres, A & E departments and hospital wards. They range from large core laboratory instruments including pre and post-analytical platforms that prepare and store samples, working along side analytical systems such as the cobas® 6000  and cobas® 8000  series that produce the test result. The portfolio also includes smaller analysers for use throughout the hospital including the single-test Accu-Chek® Inform II professional glucose meter and thecobas® h 232 Point of Care Cardiac instrument for medium-sized clinical laboratories. All of our solutions are supported by a comprehensive range of IT connectivity, e-learning and inventory management products.

Our products are used to diagnose and monitor conditions such as diabetes, heart failure, Down's Syndrome, infertility, thyroid and liver disease as well as infectious diseases and cancer. With markers such as AMH and high sensitive troponin T, we can also deliver increased medical value to clinicians in helping them arrive at quicker diagnoses and treatment decisions.

The hospital in vitro diagnostics business incorporates highly efficient sample workflows including workflow optimisation within the pathology laboratory.

On the support side, Roche has a team of field based training and support specialists, satisfying the training demands of the Australian clinical laboratory. Our office based application support and training staff provide initial and on-going training for all our products.