At Roche, we aim to embrace the diversity of differences of all our people. We strive to be inclusive and encourage the richness of ideas, experiences and styles that our diversity brings.

All facets of diversity are important to us (including gender, age, ability, race, cultural background, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and religion) and we endeavour to create an environment where every individual can contribute and realise their potential. 

It is our goal to ensure each employee feels safe, valued and respected. We believe diversity goes beyond visible differences to include different educational backgrounds, professional knowledge, personality types, thinking styles and life experiences. By embracing diversity and striving for inclusion, we can enrich every discussion and decision at Roche, bring our purpose to life and create a sense of safety and belonging for employees. 

To achieve our diversity and inclusion goals, we have a number of dedicated employee networks who help to strengthen our culture of openness, respect, and inclusion by embracing employees in all aspects of their personality and individuality. 

Our diversity and inclusion partners

diversity and inclusion partners