We regard external innovation as highly as our own internal discoveries and view established collaborations as a cornerstone of our research and development strategy. As a result, we have developed nearly 200 external partnerships and alliances with companies and institutes around the world.

Roche aims to be the partner of choice for biotechnology companies and research institutions in Australia and worldwide


Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Program

Centred at the Garvan Institute, the Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Program provides a novel approach to treating patients with rare and uncommon cancers who have exhausted all other treatment options. Through its Molecular Screening and Therapeutics (MoST) clinical trials, the Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Program compares the genome of each patient – their entire DNA – with the genome of the patient’s tumour to discern the underlying cause of their cancer and target treatment accordingly. Individuals without a targetable driver of their cancer are offered the latest in cutting-edge immunotherapies which are showing remarkable responses in some patients. In addition, the program’s RisC trial develops surveillance protocols for individuals at genetically high risk of cancer.

Photo: Peter Mac CC

Immunotherapy Centres of Research Excellence (imCORE) Network

In 2016, Roche launched imCORE, a global network of scientists and clinicians from leading cancer research institutions in cancer immunotherapy who will work together with scientists from Roche to accelerate the search for cures for people with cancer.

The research network is spread across 21 academic centres and nine countries, including Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne.

Monash University

Monash University and Hudson Institute autoimmune diseases research collaboration

In 2016, Roche entered into an exclusive license agreement with Monash University and the Hudson Institute of Medical Research for an early-stage research collaboration, focused on proteins that stimulate anti-inflammatory pathways for the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

The collaboration aims to develop next generation treatments for autoimmune diseases, focused on proteins targeting novel molecular pathways. The partnership will enable the multi-disciplinary research team and Roche to work together to advance and translate existing and new intellectual property into novel treatments.



Investigator Initiated Studies

Investigator initiated clinical studies can play a key role in answering important medical and scientific questions about Roche's products and their appropriate application.

IIS are clinical studies initiated and managed by a non-pharmaceutical company researchers, like individual investigators, institutions, collaborative study groups or cooperative groups. The researcher is responsible for the legal and regulatory responsibilities of the trial sponsor for the conduct and management of the study as defined by all applicable laws and regulations.