Employee Perspective:Meet Esther

Think differently

Innovation is central to Esther’s work at Roche Australia. Roche's drive for creative, new approaches and its desire for everyone to challenge the status quo are things she values highly. At Roche, she is part of a healthcare pioneer, where thinking differently has led to significant medical breakthroughs. In turn, she has created one of her own.

“Having the right data is crucial for patient health as it affects how we make the many products in our pipeline. In my role, I’m directly assisting patient safety. A key responsibility is ensuring Roche’s programs are conducted with the utmost integrity and that the safety data we use is highly accurate.

In my first year at Roche, I was offered an opportunity to roll out a major global safety system. It was a first for our organisation at a global level and considered a major milestone. The work involved several colleagues, hard work and a lot of late-night calls. It was an intensive project through to the end, but we succeeded, delivering right on time, and the feeling of pride was incredible.


While I was initially nervous about taking on this major project, at every step I had managers and colleagues to reassure me and encourage me to keep going. I guess they believed in me - to be honest, more than I did in myself! Their support for what we were doing made it all the more worthwhile. You realise the challenge is not just on you, it’s shared. You share in the work, but you also share the pride when it’s done well.

At Roche, the thinking and insights you have access to and the encouragement you get along the way – it assists everyone to make breakthroughs in their own way. Big or small. Together at Roche we are all doing work that impacts peoples’ lives. It’s pretty compelling and it helps you to step up, outside your comfort zone, channeling your inner courage to deliver work that makes you feel proud.

Esther quote

It’s not only our people that make the difference. I also enjoy working in a great space that encourages collaboration, experimentation and the exchange of new ideas. At our Barangaroo office, there’s bright natural light, spacious areas for interactions. I enjoy getting outside and exercising, whether it's going for a run along the water or attending a boot camp session. I come back to work really energised.

It’s fantastic to come to work here each day, knowing the organisation values my well-being. The workplace not only helps you to think and share more but supports you to be outstanding in all you do.”

Esther has since taken on a new opportunity as Associate Medical Manager at Roche Australia - congratulations, Esther!

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