Employee Perspective: Meet Natasha

Where flexibility creates balance

As the HR Operations and Services Manager, Natasha is immersed in driving people and culture initiatives at Roche Australia. She’s also a mum to two gorgeous kids - 7-year-old Ayla and 12-year-old Max - which is why Roche’s approach to flexibility is so important in ensuring she can be there for the important moments with her kids while furthering her career.

“I live outside Sydney and commute up to two hours each day for work, however, the flexibility that Roche provides, helps me strike the right balance, so I can make the most of my time and manage my work and personal life effectively.

Just like everyone at Roche, I have the technology and tools I need to work remotely which is essential. And with no core hours, I can manage my commute more easily avoiding peak hours – and get some work done while I’m on the train. At Roche, the focus is on outcomes, not hours spent in the office.

I tend to work remotely around two days per week depending on what’s on and that’s built on trust. Roche is a trusting organisation. If I have important meetings I come in, otherwise, I work from home. For me, that has proven invaluable, particularly when there’s special events at my children’s school that I just don’t want to miss. Things like sports carnivals, Mother’s Day morning tea and assemblies. It’s meant that I don’t have to choose between family and work. I can do both - and feel that I can do both well!

I also love it when I do come into the office, where and how I work doesn’t have to be the same every day. I can structure my day to suit me and can also decide where I do my work – from quiet zones, to break out spaces and even on the rooftop terrace - and that’s quite rare in many organisations.

I feel empowered to do quality work while working flexibly and remotely.
HR Operations and Services Manager

The projects I have been involved with have been exciting, as have the opportunities. We’ve been implementing a new HR system, onboarding new colleagues and I’ve also travelled overseas with the company. And I’ve never felt like I’ve had to sacrifice anything on the home front. It’s all possible when you’re involved with an organisation that trusts its people and offers real flexibility like Roche does.

What I really like about Roche, is not being locked into set start and finish times. It means I can come in, go for a walk before I start work, and use the end-of-trip facilities to freshen up. Then after a day’s work, I’m still able to get home in time for dinner with my family. The balance you can have working at Roche is outstanding.”

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