Take Pride, where our discoveries inspire us

Take pride in contributing to patient outcomes, as together we take on some of life’s toughest diseases backed by the industry’s strongest pipeline of specialised medicines.

At Roche, we focus on developing breakthrough therapies for the world’s hardest-to-treat and rare diseases. These include truly differentiated medicines in cancer, immunology, infectious diseases, ophthalmology and neuroscience.

Roche is a proven healthcare innovator with 26 breakthrough therapy designations as of May 20191 - defined as having made a significant difference or a major advance on the previous standard.

Our pipeline is a source of immense pride and hope. We lead the industry with 72 compounds2 in clinical development underway. This pipeline is delivered through a dedication to the clinical development, registration, sales, marketing and distribution of innovative pharmaceutical medicines that improve patients’ lives.

Locally, Australian patients currently have access to 42 Roche medicines, and we are the leading provider of cancer medicines in Australia by sales. We also invest around $44 million AUD annually in local pharmaceutical research. There are 5,200 patients enrolled in 120+ active clinical trials across the country.2

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  1. As validated through US FDA.

  2. From all study sources.

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